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APO International, founded in February 2004 in Taiwan, is a specialist providing projector lamps for customers from all over the world. The president, Samuel Chen and its expert team have over 10-years experience and rich knowledge in the domain of front/rear projection display industry. Having in-depth knowledge in this domain, which is considered as APO’s core competency, APO possesses a state-of-the-art database containing the technical specification of over 3 thousand project lamps coming from various brands that are available in the market. In addition, APO is one of the few professionals who specialize in researching. It is difficult to find such a company like APO, which can supply quality original modules from projector manufacturers, as well as original bulb inside module with APO housing for over thousands of projectors from over 80 brands.
In view of coping with the continuous business growth and providing better customer services, APO inaugurated a branch office in Hong Kong in September 2004. In order to facilitate the logistics operation, APO has moved its headquarter from Taiwan to Hong Kong in April 2005. Other than this, this fast growing business produced another branch office in China in May 2005. Now, APO has been recognized by many professionals in this industry and has successfully marketed its products to customers from all over the world including Europe, North America, Middle and South America, Middle East, Asia, Australia, etc.

APOG lamp with original inside is a universal product that is fits with most of the projectors. The products can be mainly classified as 3 categories which provide the best solutions for over thousands projector bulbs from over 80 brands.
APOG Lamp Modules(Original Bulb Insided)
Original Projector Lamp Modules
Original Projector Bulbs

Using APO Universal Lamps, customers can enjoy the following benefits:
Amazing price performance ratio
Cost-saved by replacing the projector bulb to the old housing
With-ranging products with excellent quality
Abundant and stable supply


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