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ISO 9001 certification

We are glad to announce that we got our ISO 9001 Certification through Q.A. International Certification Ltd. (UKAS Accredited Quality Assurance - Certification Body).

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In April, APO expanded its product range and can now offer compatible lamps for 700 different projectors but aim to deliver compatible lamps for half of all projectors in use by the end of 2007. Diamond Lamps presently covers 40 Philips projector models while Diamond Relamps coves 500 models across a number of brands.

APO is the first vendor to make compatible lamps and we are the sole distributor for the entire Europe. The benefit is that they provide the same performance of original lamps but are about 25 per cent cheaper. As a projector lamp costs about 瞿300 this is a big saving for end-user.

History of APO

     APO international is a young company, founded in early 2004 in Taiwan to provide projector lamps. It switched its HQ to Hong Kong so it could better run its logistics operation and opened an office in China 2005. The company holds the tech specs of more than 3,000 projector lamps on a database and currently sells its wares across Europe,all the Americas, Middle East, Asia and Australia. As well as compatible lamps, it also makes lamp housings.

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This is great news for dealers. Providing quality APO lamps for more projectors enables them to make better margins and offer lower prices to the customers on more projectors. Dealers can also benefit from earining 10 AV points for each APO lamp purchased.

As David Weatherhead for Hotlamps says "APO quality is so good that we offer all APO lamps with a unique warranty called 'peace of mind', which means that if any damage should occur to the projector caused by the APO lamp the projector will be replaced with a brand new projector.

This warranty gives customers ultimate protection.
No other lamp manufacturer offers this warranty."

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Hong Kong-based company APO has developed a unique range of high quality compatible projector lamps that are now available to buy in the UK. The company has recently appointed Hotlamps as exclusive distributors in the UK.

Samuel Chen, president of APO International commented, "We had a variety of different routes to market to choose from. We chose Hotlamps as we see them as the biggest player of projector lamp distribution in th UK. Their ability to hold large levels of stock, great customer support and online systems convinced us they were the right partner.

We turning it on across Europe

APO is also convinced that the new partnership is the right one to push the brand forward. "Our partnership with Hotlamps means we can offer a brilliant service throughout Europe, with next-day delivery and a technically trained sales team on hand to help new customer," say APO'S President Samuel Chen.

Europe-wide projector lamp service launches today

Many people seemed wary of selling compatible lamps in the past due to previous experiences with unbranded lamps. But the warranties offered by APO provvide the necessary peace of mind and we are now selling APO lamps to pro-AV dealers, eduction resellers and IT resellers.

(Says: Hotlamps David Weatherhead)

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