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APO always emphasizes on the importance of offering the best quality and legitimate products. Therefore, starting from 2008, APO has started working with the world’s well-known lighting manufacturers to reinforce our product lines by merging the product lines of AVM to the APOG®. The following explanation can help you better understand the differences in our product lines.
All APOG® Lamps are fit with an original bare lamp inside. The original bare lamp is produced by the approved well-known lighting
manufacturers. These manufacturers are the original lamp source to projector manufacturers. They stringently design and test the lamps to ensure the quality of the lamp used for the aftermarket is optimal. In APOG® lamps, APO proudly guarantees that the quality and performance, in terms of brightness and life time, are the same as the original lamp (OEM Lamp).

In additions, APOG® lamps carry at least a 120-days warranty, which is longer than the common 90-days warranty.
Using APOG® lamps can give you a peaceful mind.

It is exactly the same lamp as the lamp inside a brand-new projector. The whole lamp is assembled and produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The availability is a key factor in the after-market place while APOG® is not able to cover all of the projectors available in the market. For this reason, having this OEM lamp as one of the product lines is certainly an add-on to the product coverage.
OEM lamps from APO come with a standard 90-days warranty.



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