Main Page - Supported Brand (138) & Supported Model (6052) Warranty Policy

    1. APO follows its return policy strictly and does not make any exceptions.
    2. APO does not offer a money-back guarantee on any products.
    3. Shipping or relevant costs incurred during the transportation is non-refundable under all circumstances.
    4. Customer should be responsible for all charges incurred when returning the defective products to APO.
    5. All returns will be examined and tested. The return will only be accepted and become valid after the examination.
    6. Warranty shall commerce from the day APO ships
    7. The warranty will be voided under the following situations:
    i. Improper installation and usage
    ii. Accidents,
    iii. Force majeure such as natural disasters or wars,
    iv. Unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification
    v. Unidentified /unreadable / missing serial number.
    vi. Out of warranty
    8. If the returned lamps are identified as not a product sold by APO, APO will not return and dispose it locally. If Customer needs to get the lamps back, Customer is responsible for paying the returning shipping.
    9. Valid returns will be repalced by new or refurbished products which are tested to be functionally equivalent to new.
    10.Customers agree to report lost or damaged shipping claims to APO within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. Failure to do so results in the forfeiture of any possible remedy from APO. Please refer to the Dead On Arrival(DOA) policy.
    11.Limitation of Liability - It is understood and agreed that APO’s liability whether in contract, in tort, under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise shall not exceed the return of the amount of the purchase price paid by Customer and under no circumstances shall APO be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost profits, lost revenues or lost savings. The price stated for the products is a consideration in limiting APO’s liability.
    12.APO reserves the right to refuse a return that does not meet the requirements stated in this document.
    13.Please make sure the returning lamps are within warranty. If the lamp is found out-of-warranty, APO will dispose it locally. If Customer needs to get the lamps back, Customer is responsible for paying the returning shipping.
    14.Should a Product be sold on by the original buyer, the remaining warranty shall not be transferred to the new buyer. The new buyer shall return Product to the original buyer for RMA.
    15.APO reserves the right of final decision to accept all returns.
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